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Productivity Through Positivity PTP And Positivity +

These are Corporate and Business courses that not only grow the business but benefit individual staff and create an environment of positivity and maximum productivity. PTP is a half day course designed for groups of up to 6 for each session, which explores both personal and business issues and provides ways to improve the day to day. 

Positivity + is a set of PTP courses but we add in all year round mental health first aid and support for all employees we also add a military style team building day along with leadership and board level coaching to get the best from everyone in the company. This has a varying cost due to customisable factors and company sizes please get in touch for free quotes and assessments of the needs you have.



This is an online course where we explore all aspects of personal development be it career, relationships, finance etc. This course is caped at 10 participants over a 12 week period. This is a great entry level to self discovery and understanding where you need to make the changes to have a positive life. We take a £10 weekly subscription or a one of payment £100 we do this because we believe everyone should be able to afford Positivity Coaching.


Platinum Positivity

This is our top level service if you've always wondered what its like to have your own personal development coach, if you have a dream but you haven't been able to visualise it yet. If you feel that having someone who will always be there to give you sound advice and help you develop your personal goals who will help construct realistic achievable targets and provide fully individual customisable content then this is the service for you. You will also get full access to other Campbell Foundation products please get in touch as you may be entitled to a huge discount.

Whatever your needs, We are here to help you achieve your goals. Contact us to find out more.

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